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Unitymedia - Use Case

In cooperation with Unitymedia, one of Germany’s largest telecom conglomerates, Polygravity is currently piloting two projects in order to prove the validity and core value of its technology.

Unitymedia is poised to set up a Germany-wide IoT network based on LoRaWan. They will provide companies or private individuals that require connectivity for their IoT sensors, to acquire access to Unitymedia’s LoRaWan network in order to connect their devices to the internet. In order to make this dream a reality, they have to overcome two key issues and have identified Polygravity as the company ready to deliver the solutions.

Plygravity's Solution:

Polygravity provides Unitymedia with an end-to-end recording solution that has no limits to the amount of transactions it is able to record simultaneously and will help scale:

Transaction Recording on Unitymedia’s IoT network

The data volume from a fleet of sensors that run on Unitymedia’s LoRaWan must be tracked and billed to customers using the Unitymedia network. It is expected that the amount of transactions on the network will by far exceed the capabilities of traditional transaction recording technologies.

Inter-carrier Transaction Recording

Unitymedia will not build a Germany-wide IoT network on its own, but plans to rely on wholesale partners who make their LoRaWan accessible to Unitymedia customers. Unitymedia customers who make use of those external networks (non-native customers) must be accounted for in order to allow Unitymedia to compensate their Wholesale partners. Micro-transactions between Unitymedia and all wholesale partners must be recorded and notarized in order to avoid legal disputes between all parties, keeping administrative costs to a minimum.