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Unlimited Scalability of System Architecture

Polygravity is a high throughput, real-time transaction system with unlimited system scalability.

Our system enables businesses to develop digital transaction-based business models that require potentially unlimited and continuous real-time transaction processing, such as M2M-payments in IoT business solutions, payment processing during security exchange trading or other examples.



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Military Grade Security

Polygravity’s DDoS hardened decentralized system architecture brings new possibilities in the digital space through our proprietary blockchain based transaction protocol.

Our new form of digital transaction validation and verification can help businesses automate and take control of digital payment processes across their industry, providing the necessary tool to reach new digital frontiers while retaining legal and regulatory integrity.

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Trusted Data Transmission

Polygravity connects orbiting byzantine failure tolerant decentralized high availability clusters, guaranteeing unprecedented network reliability with real-time transaction processing and blockchain secured data logging.

Business can benefit from new and automated ways of payment processing, working capital management and collection period optimization in existing as well as new fields of business.

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Re-taking Control of Your Data

Polygravity’s encrypted and blockchain secured private ledgers give network participants full control over their data privacy and integrity without compromise, while the system makes use of its proprietary, proven zero-knowledge-proof notarization algorithm.

Business can rely on automated transaction processing in full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements such as EU GDPR/DSGVO standards.

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Highly Modular System Design


Polygravity’s proprietary token free transaction system is taking full advantage of its technical proximity to the hardware, providing POSIX ready APIs for an easy implementation to existing IT infrastructure.

Businesses are not required to acquire tokens to execute blockchain secured transactions allowing them to expand the use of the blockchain technology across various business cases and new product opportunities.