About Us

From the core

Our vision

At Polygravity we believe, that the perfect transaction is only achieved in an environment of trust. Trust, that transactions are processed with integrity and reliability. Trust, that the fundamental right of data privacy and ownership is respected. Trust, that the transaction system is providing security, without losing the benefits of digital interconnectivity.

Our contribution to restore trust in digital transactions is Polygravity – a decentralized secure real-time processing and notarization system capable of operating at an unlimited scale.

The Polygravity Team

Our strategy

0. Focus on technology

Focus on technology is our deepest core principle. Everything we do is aimed at creating technology that enables trust in transaction, trust in trade.

1. Work with the best

High end technology can only be produced when the best minds come together to act in symphony. Consequently, we only work with the best people out there.

2. Decide data driven

If produced with the necessary care, data is able to hint at an approximation of the objective truth. We take decisions based on data, because we want to build things that last.

3. Create things that last

In times where it seems many crypto entrepreneurs aim to achieve short-term gain, we vouw to build technology that generates a lasting impact and solves real world problems.

Meet our team

Sebastian Götz


Eike Scholz


Marc Wyss