Enabling Monetization of LoRaWAN® Roaming

Real-time billing and settlement of LoRaWAN® roaming traffic

Roaming is of existential importance to the LoRa ecosystem. It enables mobile IoT use cases and general collaboration between networks. However, without the possibility to capitalize on roaming traffic, network providers are not incentivized to enable those use cases.

Polygravity delivers a billing engine that is uniquely tailored to the needs of LoRa network providers who seek to monetize their network by allowing “foreign” sensors to roam.

Polygravity is an active member of the LoRa Alliance.

Maximising revenues by maximising availability

Because LoRa is an open frequency, the future LoRa network landscape will be highly fragmented, consisting of a variety of network operators that intend to monetize their networks through roaming. However, establishing roaming agreements between all operators will be highly unscalable due to their sheer numbers. As a result, the ecosystem needs a way to automatically connect networks and to let them find consensus on roaming conditions in automated ways. Only this way, networks will be able to maximize their availability and thus, their revenues.

Polygravity's digital contract exchange protocol allows operators to automatically establish micro roaming agreements with other operators, based on every data packet that is traded.

More revenue with microtransactions

Should foreign sensors use a network for no more than a few up-/downlinks, the amount that would have to be charged to the sensor owner would be too small for any bank transfers. Thus, so called "microtransactions" are required to facilitate the settlement of roaming traffic.

Polygravity's billing and settlement solution tracks every up-/downlink and is able to settle payment of single data packet transfers via microtransactions.

Real-time billing and settlement

Fast decision making and control require a real-time overview over current roaming revenues and costs. In addition, in order for roaming revenues to be used for roaming expenses, payments must be settled in real-time.

Polygravity's billing and settlement engine bills roaming traffic in real-time and is capable of settling payment simultaneously. As a result, roaming revenues can be used immediately to cover roaming expenses.

Military-grade security

As our system accounts for real currency values, it is of utmost importance that it is tamper resistant. Polygravity's billing and settlement system delivers byzantine failure tolerance and exhibits a highly modular security architecture, such that cryptographic algorithms can easily be exchanged to adopt to newly arising threats.