Inter-Carrier Settling

Reaching new levels of efficiency

Wholesale is existential to the telecommunications industry, allowing carriers to deliver services to their customers independent of their customers' geographical location. However, wholesale margins are under severe pressure because (a) the settlement process between carriers still requires an extensive amount of manual labour, making it highly prone to error and fraud, and (b) prices for wholesale minutes and data are sinking on a global scale.

Polygravity connects wholesale partners so that manual labor is no longer required and settlement is automatically conducted in real-time, seamlessly and in a manner that is trusted by all participating parties, thereby significantly increasing wholesale margins by means of saving cost and reducing risk.

Maximum granularity and real-time settlement

Because of the massive transaction throughput capabilities of Polygravity's core technology, inter-carrier billing is conducted on a "per second" basis and in real-time. As a result:

  • Our users have real-time awareness of their wholesale cost and income.
  • Our users exchange value betweeen each other instantly, thereby reducing the required working capital for wholesale operations to a minimum.

Seamless billing process

Polygravity's inter-carrier billing solution effectively removes the problem of incongruent billing data between wholesale partners. It automatically detects rating data discrepancies in real-time and initiates a highly efficient dispute resolution process. This reduces the negative impact of inter-carrier conflicts on operators' efficiency to a minimum.

Highly trustworthy system design

Synchronising carriers on their wholesale billing requires a maximum amount of trust in the enabling system. This is why we made sure that our systems are designed in a way so that no trust is required in the first place:

  • Our product is set up such that no business critical information (such as rating data) can be displayed to a third party (neither Polygravity, nor the wholesale partner), effectively ensuring the integrity of business secrets.
  • Transactions between wholesale partners can only be executed if both parties are in agreement on the terms of the transaction.
  • Once a transaction is executed, transaction data can not be changed anymore. This means that no trading party can claim that a transaction has not happened or that it did not agree to the rates under which it was executed.
  • All components of the system that are operating in the network are in complete control of the respective network owning carrier.
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