The Perfect Digital Transaction

Secure real-time transaction processing and notarization at unlimited scale

Polygravity is a blockchain-based transaction system that delivers high-end security, limitless transaction throughput in real-time without requiring users to use cryptocurrencies in order to execute transactions.

Unlimited scalability

Contrary to most blockchain-based transaction systems, Polygravity exhibits no maximum in its transaction throughput capabilities. This is achieved thanks to the local scope of our consensus algorithm and the removal of TCP/UDP constraints, implying that our transaction throughput scales linearly with the computing power of nodes operating in the network (system runtime complexity of O(1)).

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No cryptocurrency required

Polygravity's system does not have a system currency meaning that no cryptocurrencies are needed to execute blockchain secured transactions. This allows for frictionless adoption without economic limitations brought about by volatile assets. At its very core Polygravity is a double-entry bookkeeping solution that is able to transact any kind of value, including common fiat currency, cryptocurrency, data, or rights to physical assets.

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Military-grade security

Polygravity's system is quantum computing proof and DDoS hardened. This is achieved through a highly modular system security architecture in which encryption modules can easily be exchanged to adapt to new and evolving system threats. Overall, Polygravity's network is capable of withstanding attacks backed by the resources of entire nations.

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Latest news

Partnership with Unitymedia

Polygravity provides a highly scalable and secure blockchain-based transaction solution that enables accountable, real-time payments for micro usage of Unitymedia’s IoT network.

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Why we are limitlessly scalable

Since the release of our first article, we have received a lot of requests for us to explain our system’s high throughput capability. So here it is: A brief overview of how well we perform and why we perform this well.

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