The Perfect Digital Transaction System

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The future of our economy depends on our digital infrastructure’s ability to let monetary funds flow like information does today; at unlimited scale, in real-time, and under trusted conditions. Polygravity delivers on those requirements.

Limitless scalability

Polygravity's transaction system has no ceiling to its global transaction throughput capabilities thanks to the local scope of its consensus algorithm. Its transaction throughput scales linearly with the networked computing power.

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Instant settlement

Polygravity removes redundant overhead from multipurpose transmission layer protocols, such as the TCP and UDP, by introducing its own; the Persistent Socket Datagram Protocol [PSDP]. The PSDP allows for persistent socket connections and therefore increases the amount of parallel connections that can be established. This, in turn, drastically reduces latency and allows for real-time settlement of transactions.

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Polygravity's network delivers military-grade security, making it ideal for high threat scenarios (i.e. quantum computing and DDoS attacks). Its consensus algorithm requires pre-transaction agreement by both parties, and transaction data is stored unalterably, such that no party can challenge its validity. Polygravity’s system keeps data visible only to the user and allows for deletion of transaction data; thus, complying with data protection/privacy laws.

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Latest news

Partnership with Unitymedia

Polygravity provides a highly scalable and secure blockchain-based transaction solution that enables accountable, real-time payments for micro usage of Unitymedia’s IoT network.

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Why we are limitlessly scalable

Since the release of our first article, we have received a lot of requests for us to explain our system’s high throughput capability. So here it is: A brief overview of how well we perform and why we perform this well.

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