Next Generation Efficiency in B2B Trading

Introducing a new blockchain-based backbone for enterprise use

Limitless scalability

Polygravity's blockchain-based trading system has no ceiling to its global transaction throughput capabilities. Its throughput ability scales linearly with the computing power of the user's setup.

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Instant settlement

Polygravity removes redundant overhead from multipurpose transmission layer protocols, such as the TCP and UDP, by introducing its own; the Persistent Socket Datagram Protocol [PSDP]. The PSDP allows for persistent socket connections and therefore reduces latency and allows for real-time settlement of trades.

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Polygravity's network delivers military-grade security, making it ideal for high threat scenarios (i.e. quantum computing and DDoS attacks). Its fair-exchange consensus algorithm ensures agreement between parties, and transaction data is stored unalterably, such that no party can challenge its validity. Polygravity’s system keeps data visible only to the individual user and allows for deletion of transaction data; thus, complying with data protection/privacy laws.

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